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Our Services

We have extensive experience in the whole range of inspection, testing and certification services. We have been granted trade licenses for:

  • management, finance, organizational and economical consultancy

  • technical consultancy in construction, machinery, energy, chemical industry, food, agriculture
  • testing, measurement, analyses and controls

We have specialized in inspection activities related to investment projects (progress monitoring, cost control, QA/QC inspection etc.) and inspection services provided to finance and insurance institutions. These services are based on cash-flow plans and calculation controls, cost control, verification and monitoring of advances, loans and collections, supervision of contracts with suppliers, project management system and applied quality assurance plan.

These activities comprise also traditional inspection services - quality and quantity control, packing/marking, and loading supervision of industrial products, machines, materials, commodities, consumer products, agriculture and food products; collateral management; supervision of pledged goods and materials, and site inspection at industrial/investment projects up to commissioning, including supervision of performance tests of installed technologies, including issuance of a Certificate of Inspection - the document required for documentary payments (L/C, documentary collection).

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