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Company Profile

We are regional inspection company. Our services are based on a long-term professional experience and integrity. We will be flexible and reliable partner of our customers.

The company enjoys the support of highly qualified professionals, specialized in individual commodities and areas, whose skills and absolute integrity are the corner stone of the company's reputation. Most of them cooperate also with multinational inspection companies.

Scope of inspection:

Independent inspection and verification helps to ensure the elimination of business risks associated with the trading of goods, materials and services.

Independent inspection brings added value to trade through:

  • the elimination of financial losses (through additional costs and penalties) caused by the breach of agreements and/or legal regulations

  • the early identification of quality/quantity shortcomings, and their elimination
  • the prevention of delays
  • the retrieval and storage of representative samples enabling an independent verification of the quality of goods and supplies (evidence that can be used, even retrospectively, in claim/complaint cases and arbitration proceedings)

The appointment of an independent inspection company also represents an attractive, cost-effective, option of outsourcing an internal quality control.

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